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How to become a user?

Medical Library – basics

Medical Library

Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz

Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun

M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 9

85-094 Bydgoszcz

Auditorium building at Jurasz Hospital area


Library course is obligatory for Ist year students -

Library agendas on ground floor: on the right – Scientific Information Room, straight ahead near Auditorium - Reprographical Room, on the left - Loan Desk, Reading Room and Interlibrary Loan (Quiet Learning Room).

Library agendas on first floor: self-service xerograph, librarian lockers, recreation area and Bibliographic and Bibliometric Division (room no. 19).

Access to librarian resources

 Everyone can have access to Reading Room and Scientific Information Room (ID card is useful).

Only students and workers from Collegium Medicum can borrow books from Medical Library. First, student has to register at Loan Desk and get access to his librarian account - personally. Student ID card is librarian card altogether.

Student can have borrow up to 15 books on his librarian account. Books are borrowed for 30 days and then, if they want, student can prolong (renew) his lending for 6 times (unless book has been booked by another librarian user). At the same time student can borrow up to 5 books.

Booked book will be waiting at Loan Desk for 3 days. Student has to borrow it up to 3 days. If student doesn’t borrow it, after 5 days his librarian account will be disabled.

To borrow, prolonge or reserve book student has to use his personal librarian account on-line.

 Access to librarian account:

Login: student ID card number

Password: birth year (yyyy-mm-dd)

 If student doesn’t return borrowed book on time, it will be counted retribution for every lated day – 0, 30 zł. for every day and every book. 

 Students from Collegium Medicum also can borrow books and have access to Reading Rooms in University Library of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

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