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How to lend a book?

1: The entry to the catalogue Webpac in the system Horizon

Choose “Order a book” from Library website.

2: Searching books in the catalogue

There exist few ways of finding of books in the catalogue: according to the author, title, serial (journals), subject, series and publisher.

Alphabetical index finds strings starting from beginning of search expression. Keyword search allow you to retrieve list containing combination of keywords from any position of title, author etc. You can use * meta character at the end of keyword to find all words with same beginning.

If there is more than one edition of book you’ll be asked to choose one. After that system shows full record with bibliographic description and item list.

3: Ordering books from the catalogue

From item list pick an item, that has “Available” and click “Order” button. You can also place a hold request (reservation) for checked out books not less than 14 days before due date.

One ought to remember that the system rises after three minutes and we must reenter the catalogue (we do not use the pointer backwards).

4: Logging in

During logging in you have to sign first - number from student card (nr albumu) and the second – password (generated by librarian). After logging in we confirm the choice of the type of ordering, pressing Order and the once again we confirm an order to “Medical Library” pickup location , pressing OK. The ordered position will wait for you for three days.

Every lent book possesses the time-limit of the turn. If the reader wants to lengthen the hire, must log in on the own account at the earliest on three days before the date of the turn and to lengthen the order, pressing Lengthen (Renew). After the offence of the time-limit of the turn the system blocks the book and count the punishment for the detention in the height 0,20 zł. for every day and every copy. In the case of the blockade of the account one ought to report to the Library and to speak for the prolongation from the library (what suspends counting of the punishment for position).

The number and the term of the hire books differents in the dependence from the status of the reader.


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