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Searching a journal title

1: Is the periodical in resources of the Library?

Printed periodicals we searchk in Medical Library catalogue, choose Search according to the periodical. We write sought periodical title or the word in virtue of, having the possibility of searching of periodicals titles in alphabetical order or words in virtue of. From the list of titles we choose sought one and we look through its resources in the Library. Let us remember that periodicals from the given year are accessible in the Periodical Reading Room conjointed with Scientific Information Room, instead periodicals from earlier years are stored in magazines. The signature with the letter C means the printed periodical, the signature with the M means the microfiche which can be looked through, but one cannot copy.

Periodicals subscribed and kept in the Medical Library one does not lend home, however one can order xerox copies of articles in Reprographic Services.

2: Is the periodical in fulltext databases?

Periodicals on-line subscribed by the Medical Library and open access periodicals we search in E-journals catalogue. We  sought periodical title or the word in virtue of; we choose the title from the alphabetical list too. If we do not know the full word we can write the beginning of the word and the starlet*. At every elaborate periodical is found link to the database and the information, what years are embraced by the subscription and whether the periodical is not subject to the embargo.

3: If the periodical is not there in resources of the Medical Library

Articles from periodicals whose lack in resources of the Library one can bring from other libraries by Interlibrary Loan.


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