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Searching articles on key word

1: Searching an article in bibliographic databases

Searching articles on the key word we reach to the bibliographic database Medline or fulltext databases. Users of the Library can take advantage of Medline directly under the address or by Ebsco or ProQuest. We instruct the retrieval in Medline by Ebsco which binds findings with the part of fulltext databases of the Medical Library (Academic Search Premier, Health Source, Master File Premier, Science Direct, Springer).

How to check, whether interesting us articles in Medline are found in resources of the Medical Library? We make a list of sources and check in Medical Library catalogue and then in E-journals catalogue. If we will find a periodical tiotle kept in the Library we can order the xero copies, if we will find an article in fulltext databases we can download the file.

2. Searching an article in fulltext databases

Searching an article in fulltext databases we enter to every database separately, choosing the name or logo of the database. At present the Medical Library subscribes: databases from EBSCO (Academic Search Premier, Health Source, MasterFile Premier), Blackwell Synergy, Kluwer Publishers, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, ProQuest Medical Library, Science Direct, Springer and Ovid Biomedical Collection II and III (years 1995-2005).

All fulltext databases embrace the definite supply of periodicals titles whose list we give at descriptions of databases. Databases differ with the interface, but all possess search fields, the possibility of restricting temporary, the possibility of searching according key words, words in virtue of, the author or the title of the publication and indexes. Remember however that e-journals are accessible only for users of computers connected to UMK network.

From databases EBSCO also one can take advantage of the house after obtaining of passwords thrown open in the Scientific Information Room.

3: Article lack in resources of the Library

Articles from periodicals whose lack in resources of the Library one can bring from other libraries behind by Interlibrary Loan.


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